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  1. Wishing Well

From the recording Peace of Mind

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Wishing Well

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Music and lyrics by Cassidy Rain Dube


(Verse 1)
Ain’t got no agenda, got no reason why,
But runnin out that door makes me feel so alive
The winds are howlin’ blues about the road behind
Take me down the Mississippi when the river is high
And I’m gonna buy myself a fishin pole and fish for good luck
Like they say if I miss, might hook a star from above
And I never had no money, not sure I ever will
But my life’s as rich as if I owned a wishin well

Cuz there’s a fire in your eyes
And it’s burnin up in me
Just a bird in a cage that’s been opened
A soul thats been set free

(Verse 2)
Wide western skies and hope on the horizon
A need for freedom riddled deep in my bones
I ain’t runnin away from a good thing
My home is with me wherever I go
And I’m gonna buy myself a shotgun and keep it at my side
Takin out my enemies, one at a time
Catch the next freight train outta this here town
Cuz there’s a gold rush out west and I’m railway bound



(Chorus 2x)