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  1. Skeleton Key

From the recording Peace of Mind

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Skeleton Key

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Music and lyrics by Cassidy Rain Dube


(Verse 1)
You were right when you said I had a problem
Got stuck in a wave of thoughts and (I just) couldn’t stop em
The lonely space inside my heart had opened up
I saw darkness, I saw darkness, oooh

Love has a way of unlocking our doors
We always do get more than we bargained for
Keep findin things I didn’t know were inside of me
You’re like a skeleton key

(Verse 2)
Roses coat the trellises we climb
And you're bound to get pricked by the thorns
I didn't know what I was in for
When I fell in love with you
I fell in love with you
I got my secrets, I got my weaknesses
Don’t we all, don’t we all
That’s why they call it a whirlwind, it tore me to my foundation
And you watch me fall, watch me fall
Over and over again

(Vocal riffing)