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  1. Cryptic Blues

From the recording Peace of Mind

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Cryptic Blues

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Music and lyrics by Cassidy Rain Dube


(Verse 1)
Hear the river running strong, no water just filth and blood
Waking up to the sounds of traffic, thick in your mind like mud
Gears are grindin, going strong, speedin’ up the times
Don’t get caught up in the busy part, of your absent mind

Here I am, standing right in front of you babe,
In this world we all leave someday
In this body that’s slowly falling apart
Don’t let me let it go to waste

(Verse 2)
Drivin round the end of that whiskey bend
Ridin on the edge of insane
Lockin me up in this prison
When I didn't do a doggone thing
Vultures flying low today are they circlin my head
Calling out my name
Are they wishin me dead?