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  1. Miss Melinda

From the recording Peace of Mind

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Miss Melinda

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Music and lyrics by Bryan Schroeder
Lyrics co written by Cassidy Rain Dube


(Verse 1)
Creepin out the back door, in the dark of a summer night
Leavin troubles behind me, turnin wrong into right
(Chorus 1)
Where is Miss Melinda? Where has she gonnnne to?
She went to end the lonesome, she went to turn a gray one into blue
She’s spun her wheels of fortune, stumbled into the great unknown

(Verse 2)
Train’s leavin for Houston, an hour & change to cut you loose
Makin’ time for no one, grab a drink, and polish up my shoes
(Chorus 2)
(I’ll) burn a candle in the window, let the flame die out on old times
As the sun sets oer the canyon, the path before me I’m gonna let it shine
Tell me where will I be headed,
Whichever way the wind is blowin'

(Verse 3)
Chump change and dirty jeans, rattle on through the freight
Mountain rails, and passerbys, Violet hues, it's getting late
(Chorus 3)
10 more minutes and counting, finished up my bottle of booze/moon
Can’t help you Mr. Steven’s, can’t help myself with a nickel or two
The shackles lay in dust behind me, and all I see is freedom up ahead