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  1. Death at my Door

From the recording Peace of Mind

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Death at my Door

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Music by Bryan Schroeder
Lyrics by Cassidy Rain Dube


Caught wind of death knockin’ at my door,
Peeked through the shutters watched him pace back and forth
In his hands he held the inevitable black,
So I tiptoed down the hall and ran out the back,
Oh the voices in my head, said “You’d better run fast”

Makin’ quick turns down suburban streets,
Not knowing the chase is just part of his treat
But I'm knockin’ on each door step, left and right,
“Open on up and hide me inside!”
Mark your doors, and maybe we’ll make it through the night

Oh I feel, feel him chasin me
I run for, run for the trees
But on my neck there’s an icy breath
Oh save me, save me from death

Hidin’ in plain sight, flyin’ above like a colored kite,
Hopin’ I’m makin death confused,
Maybe give him a taste of his own blues,
Because at this rate, he’ll find his death before I do


Watchin people prep my grave,
This won’t be my judgement day
Their turnin their shovels in the ground,
But “where’s the body?”, oh she’s skipped town
I dare you death, try and catch me now
I dare you death, try and catch me now
I dare you death, try and catch me now