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  1. Your Girl

From the recording Peace of Mind

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Your Girl

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Music and lyrics by Cassidy Rain Dube


When you wake up in the morning
I will help you start your day
Might have to head off to work soon,
But for now let’s just stay
Just put the coffee on,
And tell me that you love me
Hold me tight and don’t you let me go
(Chorus 1)
All my workin day dreams, could be played out right now
How you make me feel this way, I just don’t know how

There’s just one thing I want,
To make me feel alright,
A little bit of your lovin darlin & I’ll sleep soundly through the night
There are no riches greater,
No gold that shines
Like the way my heart would if you were mine
(Chorus 2)
I’d do without the money, without all the gold(whiskey) in the world
If you would just let me be your girl

Now if I catch a stroke of bad luck,
If the tables do turn
I know our loves embers will still burn
Now if troubles do befall me
I’ve got a warm place next to you
You’re the only man who can always take away these blues
(Chorus 3)
Oh yes baby, I don’t know what I’d do without you